Monday 25th April 2016 marked OSCR’s 10th anniversary as regulator of the Scottish charity sector, with full statutory powers.

Before being granted its full statutory powers, OSCR had been created in 2003 as an agency of the Scottish Executive to help to lay the necessary foundations of the 2005 Act regulatory regime.

OSCR has had two Chief Executives: the current Chief Executive David Robb and his predecessor Jane Ryder.

When OSCR began, it employed only four people, it now employs 50.

There are approximately 24,100 charities on the Scottish Charity Register.

OSCR has granted charitable status to over 9,100 new charities.

There are approximately 183,000 charity trustees in Scotland – around 4% of the adult population of Scotland.

92% of charities now use OSCR Online.

Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIOs) were introduced as a new legal form for Scottish charities in 2011: there are now over 2,220 SCIOs on the Scottish Charity Register, representing nearly 10% of all Scottish charities.