Turcan Connell has launched new pages to highlight some of the areas of specialist philanthropy advice which we provide to our charity and philanthropy clients.

As well as giving a short overview of tax efficient giving in life and on death, the new web pages explain some of the more technical aspects of philanthropy which require specialist input. The rules around cross-border giving can be complex depending on the final destination of a gift, and other areas of giving come with detailed HM Revenue & Customs rules which need to be handled with care.

Using conditional exemption and private treaty sales are two specialist areas where our charity experts have considerable experience, and offering important items of historical, scientific or cultural significance to the nation in lieu of tax is another aspect of philanthropy and tax efficient giving which needs careful planning and detailed guidance.

For more information on all of these areas of advice provided by Turcan Connell’s charities team, click on the links above, or visit our philanthropy homepage.  


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