Live Music Now (LMN) Scotland is one of Scotland's leading charities providing access to live music and promoting training and development for musicians at the outset of their careers. Founded by Sir Yehudi Menuhin in the 1970s, the charity has branches across the UK and a number of international branches and projects around the world. The Scottish branch was founded in 1984 and secured its own charitable status in 2013.

Gavin McEwan, Partner and Deputy Head of Charities at Turcan Connell, has been the Chairman of LMN Scotland since April 2014."It is a great privilege to serve as the Chairman of LMN Scotland – a charity which I've been very passionate about for many years. This last year – the 30th anniversary of LMN in Scotland – has been particularly enjoyable with celebratory concerts, new audiences reached, and the launch of our first CD, 'Luminate', featuring recordings of works specially commissioned by LMN Scotland. The disc is a snapshot of the charity's work in 2015 and gratifyingly has received very warm reviews as well as airtime on BBC Radio 3."

When Sir Yehudi Menuhin established LMN, he was keen to see music reaching people in all kinds of places and circumstances. Gavin explained:"Sir Yehudi said that it was his dream to bring music back into the lives of people who were 'especially prone to stress and suffering... so that it might comfort, heal and bring delight'. This is why one of our main aims at LMN Scotland is to take live music to people who otherwise would have access to none. As a result, we frequently perform in nursing homes and nursery schools, community centres and prisons, and in places which are geographically remote."

The Director of LMN Scotland is Carol Main MBE. Carol has led the charity in Scotland since it was established and also heads up LMN's international work. Carol said:"Music has an amazing power to transform people's lives, no matter what their circumstances, and a key aim of LMN Scotland is to take this transforming power to as wide an audience as possible. Arranging over 600 participatory performances and workshops every year is a lot of work for our small team and our musicians, but the rewards of delivering a high quality live music experience is enormous, both for the audiences and for the musicians too."

In addition to Gavin serving as Chairman on the LMN Scotland board, Turcan Connell has been pleased to support the charity in other ways in recent years, from hosting board meetings and part of the LLMN International Music Lab in our Edinburgh office, and even serving as a backdrop to musicians' profile photos in our Glasgow office.

You can read more about some of Live Music Now Scotland's work here.

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