By Ciara Wilson


As our final week at Turcan Connell begins, I am the last of the 2015 summer interns to share my experience. While I will try to make it as refreshing a read as possible I can only echo the positive aspects which my peers have already mentioned.

I spent my third year studying abroad in Madrid and as thrilled as I was to hear, back in February, that my internship application had been successful, the prospect of a long six weeks in a law firm back in dreary Edinburgh was nonetheless daunting. In reality, I have absolutely loved the experience, the only daunting part being the weekly 'bun run'…

Over the course of the six weeks I have been working with two of the Tax and Succession teams and I have been entrusted by each with varied, challenging and interesting tasks. The lengthy six week duration, as my fellow interns have already commented, has meant that we have had the opportunity to become involved in larger projects which we have been completing periodically over the course of the programme. I have drafted wills, inventories of estates, written letters to clients and organised Powers of Attorney. In addition, I have undertaken interesting legal research on aspects of cross-border charity law, legal rights and inheritance claims. This practical learning has been substantiated by the knowledge we have acquired through attending a number of trainee development workshops on various topics ranging from Capital Gains Tax to Company Law for private clients. I have been pleasantly surprised by the degree of responsibility which my teams have given me; I have had the opportunity to put my legal studies thus far into practice and it has been so rewarding to see them value my opinions and the work which I have completed.

Aside from the work, simply being in the firm environment has given me such a valuable insight into Turcan Connell's private client niche. I have been witness to an outstanding level of client care: the efforts made within the teams to understand each client's unique situation and to provide them with the most suitable legal planning and advice is something to which I now aspire.

On day one we were each assigned a mentor whose role is to monitor our workload, to ensure our integration into the team and to answer all the silly questions that we may have. My mentor and I meet on a weekly basis to discuss my progress and I am so grateful for the time she has set aside to offer me guidance with regards to my summer placement and beyond.

Everyone at Turcan Connell has been so welcoming and approachable and as a result I have integrated so well into my teams. From day one I have felt confident and at ease when interacting with secretarial staff, solicitors, associates and partners both in the office environment and outwith at social events.

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