The Scottish Government is currently carrying out a second Consultation on its proposed New Tenancy for use in the Private Rented Sector. The last day for responding to the Consultation is 10th May 2015. The Consultation will be of relevance to anyone who has an interest in the Private Rented Sector and we would encourage such parties to review the Consultation and respond to it.

The Consultation can be accessed using the following link:

The Consultation includes proposals to give tenants more security of tenure by removing the so-called"no fault" ground for repossession currently enjoyed by landlords. Eleven grounds on which repossession can be claimed will be introduced. Not all of these grounds will be mandatory - in certain circumstances the First Tier Tribunal (to which cases in respect of disputes and repossession in the Private Rented Sector will be referred) will have a discretion whether or not to order possession to the landlord.

A more detailed Note on the Consultation is available to download here >>

If you would like further information regarding the Consultation or responding to it please contact Clare Dunlop or another member of our Land and Property Team.

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