By Rebecca Little, Moyra Diaz Limaco, Hilary Sharkey and Lauren McDonach

Our last day arrived culminating six great weeks at Turcan Connell. We've developed our legal and office skills, expanded our knowledge and met a really great bunch of people. The Summer Internship guarantees you a Traineeship interview but don't worry because it is not as daunting as it may sound. We all had ours and have survived to tell the tale!

We arrived on our last morning with goodies for our teams (conveniently positioned next to us!) to say thanks for the past six weeks - they have definitely been the main reason for our time here being so enjoyable. Everyone's helpful advice and encouragement has boosted our confidence and reaffirmed for us that this is what we'd like to do in the future. The independence we have had has also meant we have had time to push ourselves to create the high quality work that Turcan Connell is renowned for.

We have now had a taste of what life as a trainee entails and we have loved every minute of it. Our last week ended just as our first week started; with our teams organising lunches and nights out to make the most of Edinburgh during the festival time.

It was definitely worthwhile and we have all just received our offers to return for the traineeship programme in 2016. We can't wait to have a reunion on our first day as official TC employees!

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