By Moyra Diaz Limaco and Rebecca Little

Moyra Becky


The main thing that has stood out for us so far is how welcoming and friendly everyone is. They are always willing to help when we ask the simplest questions, which we probably should know the answer to! Aside from the busy work side of Turcan Connell, we have been amazed by the social side of the firm. The number of social events which are on offer shows that a healthy balance between work and play is greatly encouraged here. We have been made to feel like valued and fully integrated members of the team by being invited along to drinks after work, lunches with our teams and even the chance to play hockey for Turcan Connell.

It's great to get to know everyone outside the office in a completely different atmosphere and taking part in the extra activities is what has made us feel more involved. Next week is the annual Summer Barbeque which we have heard so much about, and are all very much looking forward to. We are all just hoping that the weather stays good for it, which as we all know can be optimistic when you live in Scotland!

Overall, the first three weeks as a Summer Intern at Turcan Connell have flown by and we are hoping that the next three don't go so quickly! Our experience here has provided us with exciting challenges and we never know what the next day is going to hold. We would recommend this Summer Internship to any student wishing to embark on a career in Law due to the welcoming nature of the firm paired with the high quality of service which is offered by Turcan Connell. Don't be put off by the length of the internship either; after three weeks we are only just getting to grips with the computers!

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