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Many readers will be reaching a stage your life where financial security and planning for the future is more prevalent than ever.

You may have bought your first house, have got married or have children on the way and all of these big life events need to be backed up by solid financial and investment advise so that you can plan for the years ahead with confidence.

When it comes to such matters many of us do not know where to start, but there are experts situated in Edinburgh who are more than happy to help – Tcam offer a full range wealth and investment management services.

Recently SCRUM Editor Gary Heatly headed to the Tcam's Edinburgh Office to meet with Chief Investment Officer Haig Bathgate to get a better understanding for what they can offer you.

And having been with the firm since day one 16 years ago, when he joined as a graduate trainee, Haig was the perfect man to speak to paint the full picture.

He said:"When the investment arm and financial planning side of the business came in, the focus over the first five years was to get 'warm' introductions to existing legal clients and speaking to them about their own investments. This has grown a lot over the years."

"If an individual comes in to see us to discuss their financial and investment position the main thing we want to do is try and get to know them and growth their wealth over a long period of time."

So, if a client goes to Tcam and says 'I have got these assets' or 'I am thinking of saving this money' the experts talk to them about various facets.

"Is it saving to give them money in retirement, is it for buying a bigger house at some point, is it paying for school fees, a daughter's wedding? Whatever it is these are effectively milestones in the future and what we do is work back to the current position and then, having looked at your incomings, outgoings, protractions and such like in-depth with you, set out a plan as to how things can be achieved and how your money is best managed," Haig explained.

"Sometimes the client is very sure about what they are planning towards where as other times you may have to tease it out of them and help them get on the right track.

"The great part for me is building up the long-term relationships with clients as I mentioned and catching up with them regularly. Situations are constantly changing and other matters arise as you go along so I aim to meet with clients twice and year while we have superb experts available from the other parts of our company should the client need their expertise too."

After visiting Gary said:"The meeting with Haig was very informative and really did open my eyes to a number of things that need to be thought about to help plan for the future. It is clear that Tcam have a knowledgeable team who are keen to build up long-term relationships with their clients."

This means offering a full range of legal services alongside wealth and investment management and a complete range of tax services. They believe that this joined-up, interdisciplinary approach of combining legal and financial skills and expertise really sets Tcam apart and enables them to provide the very best advice and counsel to clients.

This article appeared in the SCRUM Magazine Issue 56

This content was generated prior to Turcan Connell Asset Management Limited operating as Tcam.

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