On Sunday, 17 brave and charitable individuals came together as a team to take part in the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run in an effort to raise money for East Park in Glasgow. We are delighted that everyone who participated in the challenge from Turcan Connell completed their run, with some fantastic times clocked up for many. We are also happy to inform you that all participants reported in for work on Monday with only a few spotted with a slight limp following their exertions the previous day.

Funds raised will go towards the East Park iPad project. To date, East Park has raised £10k to buy the hardware to roll out this important work, predominantly focused within the school and concentrating on some of the residential young people. Working with the University of Edinburgh, Moray House, they will monitor the impact of bespoke apps in supporting the progress of the youngsters with communication and a wide range of other educational targets. The research findings will be written up next summer, hopefully providing learning not only to support East Park's children but also for the wider educational community across Scotland. We are delighted with our fundraising efforts and it is with great pride that the funds raised by Turcan Connell will purchase the crucial bespoke software for each child participating in the research.

There is still time to donate to this wonderful cause so please visit our sponsorship page and give generously to help change the lives of these young people.

Congratulations - Yvonne Littlefield (1/2 marathon); Kenneth Pinkerton (1/2 marathon); Chris Sheldon (1/2 marathon); Niall Stringer (1/2 marathon); Jim McPhail (1/2 marathon); Jennifer Younger (10k); Thea Roth (10k); Zaynab Al Nasser (10k); Simon Mayberry (10k); Rachel Davies (10k); Tanya Ross (10k); Nick Paul (1/2 marathon); Martin Cryans (10k); Jamie Knox (10k); Gillian Crandles (10k); Ally Shaw (10k); Robert Langridge (10k)



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