The Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture has recently opened the Collectors' Choice exhibition and Turcan Connell is delighted that a painting from our collection, Joint Senior Partners, by Glasgow-based artist Graeme Wilcox is on display.

The exhibition has recently received an excellent review from Scottish art expert, Fern Insh, who wrote in Scottish Art Blog that she was immediately drawn to Graeme Wilcox's 'Joint Senior Partners'.

"The painting depicts a fascinating double portrait of partners Robert Turcan and Douglas Connell; founders of an Edinburgh based national law firm. It is so compelling because the men in the picture appear so unexpectedly kindly. You can tell that they're best friends, not just business partners, and Wilcox has managed to capture the different personalities of each sitter which, when you see them together, makes it obvious why the pair have managed to be as successful in their business as they have. One doesn't have to know who precisely who is Turcan and who is Connell, to appreciate what each individual's character is like. One man is more restrained and the other more personable. One man is wondering what the artist thinks of him whilst the other fidgets around eagerly anticipating what the outcome of the sitting will be. They're a great duo and they complement each other well."

"In an interview with Mr Connell, pasted up on the wall right next to the work (nice touch, the RSA are always hot on contextualisation), the interviewer asks why the company collects and commissions works like the one which they have provided for the exhibition. Connell replies that it is because he likes to have conversation pieces integrated into a work environment. He does not like the thought of a client entering the room and being ill at ease, he wants them to have something to anchor to – something accessible and human. The main purpose of the exhibition as a whole is to question what the various purposes of collecting are, the second purpose is to give contemporary Scottish artists a chance to showcase some great works for future collectors to purchase. In the case of this commission, however, the drive in obtaining this picture was to instil trust. Although the work may act as a conversation piece on one level, this, in itself, reveals that the person who decided the work should be commissioned is someone who values human qualities or, at least, wants to instate that impression. Entering an establishment with generic works on the wall, purchased en masse to be distributed to all operational outlets, is the norm in contemporary society. There's something refreshing and reassuring about seeing paint and there's something overly encouraging about seeing a company leader in paint."

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Fern for her welcome review.

Read more on Scottish Art Blog.

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