Research carried out by Duncan Lawrie private bank indicates that a woman could be expected to wipe up to £70,000 off her final pension pot by taking a career break to have a baby.

These issues can be thrown in to sharp focus for wives if they divorce.

While the starting point for the division of assets on divorce is 50/50, there can often be arguments to justify an unequal split.

A woman who has given up a career to have children could point to the loss of her pension entitlement as an example of economic disadvantage which might allow her to argue for more than half of the assets available for division.

Yet many wives when they separate will still tell their solicitor they wish to make no claim on a husband's pension.

But while a pension sharing agreement – where the spouse receives a portion of their ex's pension fund into a pension scheme of their own- can sometimes seems like an unattractive option to someone who needs a house or liquid capital, it is always worth taking financial advice before rejecting the option of pension sharing.

Even in situations where a pension share is not a feasible or desirable option, a valuation of the husband's pension should always be obtained. That figure can then be factored in, and offset, against other assets in arriving at a settlement.

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