The death of a family member or partner can be a deeply painful experience, and it is often difficult to deal with the administrative formalities during this emotional time. At Turcan Connell, our team of experienced lawyers dealing with executry administration is larger than that of any other legal firm in Scotland, and we aim to make the process as straightforward as possible for you and your family.

Executor of a Will

The executor of a Will is responsible for administering the Will as directed, and the role entails various duties and legal liabilities. Our team specialise in helping the executor to settle the deceased's affairs as efficiently as possible. We assist with estates of all sizes and all complexities and we provide a sensitive and accurate service to ensure that the executors can give full effect to the terms of the Will.

Our service includes advice on all aspects of winding up an estate, including:

Formal procedures – Assessing the estate and providing practical and sensitive legal advice to the executor of the Will.

Assisting with tax issues
– negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs regarding inheritance tax and exemptions such as agricultural property relief and business property relief.

Deed of Variation
– Beneficiaries can be granted a Deed of Variation which allows for alterations to be made to the distribution of assets. This can be for tax planning purposes, asset protection or to redress any imbalances to the original distribution.

We ensure that the administration of the estate is completed effectively and efficiently and we always strive to maintain a good dialogue with the will executor and the beneficiaries.