The renewables sector continues to present economic opportunities for anyone with an interest in the sector – landowners, developers, farmers and communities despite the challenging new policy environment.

We can help you realise that potential with our unique multi-disciplinary approach.

Our team of specialists has unrivalled sector know-how and has already successfully advised on hundreds of projects from initial planning, development and leasing through to tax implications, dispute resolution and contract agreements.

Renewable Energy Projects and Developments

Our team of lawyers have an excellent reputation in the renewables sector having advised on more than 300 renewable energy schemes and taken numerous projects to the stage of commencement of generation and beyond.

Whether you are considering the potential for wind, hydro, biomass, landfill gas, solar voltaic or solar thermal, anaerobic digestion or any other type of renewable development, we can help you navigate a route to successful generation. We can provide innovative solutions facilitating the progression of developments.

Our services include:

  • Negotiation of exclusivity, option and lease agreements
  • Negotiation of access, wayleave and servitude documents
  • Advice on joint ventures and shareholders agreements
  • Taxation advice
  • Negotiation of agreements with agricultural tenants
  • Sale and purchase of consented and operational sites
  • Resumption of croft land
  • Turbine/equipment supply agreements and collateral warranties
  • Power purchase and grid connection agreements
  • Funding arrangements  – debt, equity and project finance
  • Investing in renewable energy businesses and projects

An Integrated Approach to Renewable Energy

In addition to the professional service you will receive from our renewables, land and property experts, our Tax and Succession specialists will be available to work in close conjunction with you and your advisor to provide expertise on taxation consequences and tax planning and mitigation opportunities.

Our Business Law Team adds an additional dimension in this area and strengthens our offering by providing bespoke advice on Joint Venture and LLP mechanisms. This enables us to utilise our expertise along with our taxation expertise to minimise potential inheritance tax liabilities.

Continued Opportunities

The introduction of Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) in 2010 guaranteed to landowners fixed payments for up to 20 years for generation of electricity from small-scale schemes on their land. We have advised on the best way to structure such developments, whether undertaken by the landowner alone or as a joint venture with developers. While financial support to the renewables sector has been scaled back, opportunities continue to exist for sites in the right locations where efficiency is maximised.

How Turcan Connell can help you

Landowners, farmers, communities, funders and developers continue to turn to Turcan Connell for guidance due to our wealth of experience and expertise in the renewables sector.

Over the last decade, we have:

  • Helped clients overcome issues raised by the existence of agricultural tenancies and crofting;
  • Been directly involved in the completion of some of the first wind farms on crofted land;
  • Advised on issues relating to wind farms that cover multiple land ownership areas;
  • Guided landowners on developments from every scale, from single turbines to 100 MWs and above;
  • Advised on feedstock supply agreements relating to both anaerobic digestion facilities and biomass plants;
  • Advised on hydro-electric projects  from inception to generation; and
  • Advised on anaerobic digestion and biogas developments from the design stage to production.

We strive to provide comprehensive solutions and a client-focussed and discreet service to those looking to invest in the continuing Scottish renewables market.

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