Buying, selling or leasing a farm or estate in Scotland can appear daunting and complicated at first sight. However, similar fundamental procedures apply whether you are buying, selling or letting a house, estate, farm, forest, sporting interest or other asset, and you will require detailed and practical advice on the various title, tenancy, environmental, planning, grant scheme and other issues that may arise in the course of your transaction.

Experienced Land Lawyers for all Farm and Estate Transactions

Turcan Connell's team of expert agricultural solicitors are well placed to deal with all legal affairs around farms and estates, guiding you through all aspects of purchase, sale and letting, regardless of the type of property involved and its location. Our dedicated land lawyers will provide you with clear and concise advice throughout the transaction and help you to conclude the deal in a practical and efficient manner.

Turcan Connell's land lawyers provide a range of services tailored for farms and estates including:

  • Leasing and tenancy agreements
  • Sales of farms and estates
  • Wills and succession planning
  • Environmental and planning issues
  • Preparation for grant schemes
  • Dispute resolution in relation to farms and estates.

Where contentious issues arise in relation to farms and estates, Turcan Connell have strong experience in the Scottish Land Court. We guide our clients to the swiftest possible resolution to all property disputes, working at all time for their best interests and the best possible outcomes.

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