At Turcan Connell, our Construction Lawyers and Projects team understand the challenges of procuring a successful construction project, and the dynamics of the fast-moving construction industry. 

The central ethos of the Construction and Projects team at Turcan Connell is to work collaboratively with construction professionals, to maximise land value, and to contribute in achieving first-class completed developments.

The experience of Turcan Connell’s team provides house-builders, charities, developers, and family businesses with the full range of construction contracts advice – from procurement and contract structure, to risk profile, negotiation, and implementation.

How Turcan Connell can help you and your project

Turcan Connell can provide a range of advice on construction projects including:

  • Contract structures and procurement alternatives;
  • Detailed knowledge of all standard forms including NEC3, SBCC, FIDIC, ICC, and MF/1;
  • Compliance with related property planning and funding agreements;
  • Negotiation with contractors and professional consultants;
  • Collateral warranties, performance bonds, parent company guarantees, and retention bonds;
  • Interface risk between contracts, programming, and delay events; and
  • Construction project due diligence.

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