Managing agricultural properties and land can often require the advice of an experienced agricultural solicitor. Whether you're leasing a farm, disputing a boundary or organising the sale of land, Turcan Connell's specialist land lawyers can guide you to a satisfactory result with the least possible time and expense.

Agricultural Property Disputes

Turcan Connell advocates the use of alternative dispute resolution methods in most agricultural property disputes, with professional mediation, negotiation and arbitration services offered. In cases where these methods are not successful or appropriate, our agricultural solicitors can provide exceptional litigation.

With strong experience in the Scottish Land Court, we are best placed to anticipate and avoid potential pitfalls in the resolution of your case. Our past experience in agricultural property disputes includes:

  • Land and boundary disputes
  • Disputes over the sale of land and other agricultural assets
  • Leasing and tenancy issues
  • Disputing wills where agricultural assets are concerned
  • Issues with trespassers and squatters
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