Our specialist legal team of employment law solicitors can provide you with clear and relevant advice, and guide you through all aspects of employment law in Scotland, including at employment tribunals.

Full Representation

We will undertake all aspects of the case drafting, interviewing witnesses, advising on merits and procedure and representing you at the tribunal hearing. The service includes full preparation and advice on merits as well as access to our advocacy service; we regularly represent clients at tribunal and have a reputation for robustness and rigour.. This service can be provided on an Open Fee basis, a Stepped Fee basis or a Global Fee basis. Where this service is undertaken on an Open Fee basis, fees are charged in accordance with an agreed hourly rate with forecasts being provided to give you budgetary control. Under our Stepped Fee arrangements charges are set for specific items of work. The Global Fee arrangement provides you with an overall cost for the case. This provides you with certainty over fees.

Advisory Service

This is offered as an alternative to Full Representation. The Advisory Service allows you to represent your organisation while being properly advised and briefed in advance. Advice covers both substantive and procedural matters and can include a review of the ET1, ET3 and bundle of papers as required by you. The Advisory Service puts you in control of your case and allows you access to advice when you decide you need it. This service is offered on an Open Fee and a Stepped Fee basis.

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