Turcan Connell, Scotland's leading private client firm is recognised as a principal adviser of senior executives in relation to employment law.

Our Edinburgh and Glasgow-based employment lawyers regularly advise and where necessary represent directors who are both employees and shareholders. They are expert at understanding the dynamics of power imbalances in the workplace, the causes and effect of workplace conflict, and the solutions to many of the issues facing the senior executive at work.

Specialist Employment Law Services

Turcan Connell can offer a range of employment services to Directors and Senior Executives including;

Contractual Advice

We recognise that the value you get upon termination will, to a large extent, depend upon the terms of your contract. At Turcan Connell we have years of experience of advising clients how to frame their contracts to enhance the payout should the company terminate. We also advise on the effect of restrictive covenants.

If you are offered a promotion to a senior level position then it is worth taking advice on clauses in your contract such as notice periods, bonuses (including long-term incentive plans and carried interest) and restrictive covenants.

We work with our tax advisers to ensure clients understand the tax implications of employment and the effect of tax on termination.

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