Employment law can be complicated, with frequent legislative and regulatory changes.

At Turcan Connell, our specialist team can provide you with clear and relevant advice, and guide you through all aspects of employment law in Scotland.

Turcan Connell's employment lawyers work for the best interests of our clients, adopting a problem-solving ethos, providing calm and considered counsel, fully up-to-speed with the latest legislation, with the aim of avoiding litigation wherever possible.

Turcan Connell knows that having to deal with issues relating to employment law can be particularly stressful, so we offer our clients the best possible advice and counsel, making us one of Scotland's most personable law firms. Our team’s expert knowledge covers every employment issue, including specialist advice for families, private businesses, senior executives and charities.


“Turcan Connell is recognised for its expertise advising high-net-worth individuals, charities and rural sector clients. The team, led by the ‘well-regarded’ David Ogilvy, assists clients with TUPE and employee relation matters while also handling contentious work.”
Legal 500, 2017


Employment Law Service Options

At Turcan Connell we have developed a range of service options for employers giving you the freedom to choose the services which best meet your business need. The service is modular and you can add as many modules as you like. This allows you total control over cost. The central feature of each module is that it can be offered on a fixed fee basis.

Culture Check

We will explore your business goals with you and the extent to which you consider your current practices and culture achieve those goals. We believe that employee engagement is essential and will involve staff, or a sample of them, through surveys or focus groups which we can facilitate. We will discuss with you changes which you might consider making to your management practices and produce a strategic report.

TC Culture Check allows you to reflect upon the extent to which you are achieving your business objectives through the most efficient management of staff and it gives you the opportunity to consider improvements to your procedures, policies and terms and conditions.

Human Resources Management

For a fixed retainer you can have access to Turcan Connell’s employment law solicitors by email or telephone. This service is designed to provide you with practical guidance on HR problems as they arise during the working day and is designed to provide support to your existing HR resources.

Employment Law Training

Our employment law team will design and deliver training programmes and individual seminars to your managers and supervisors. We cover the full range of employment law and practice; examples include training in absence management, training in disciplinary and grievance procedures and an insight into the employment tribunal process.

Paperwork Health Check

This fixed price service is designed to give you the comfort of knowing that your HR policies and procedures are up to date and aligned to your business goals. This service is a useful follow on from TC Culture Check but is also a useful standalone service. TC Paperwork Health Check involves a study of your written policies, practices and procedures. We will produce a short report following our study which will highlight strengths and weaknesses and recommend changes.

This service allows you to keep your paperwork up to date with legislation. If used in tandem with TC Culture Check it can also allow you to assess the extent to which your paperwork is aligned to actual practice. For an additional fixed fee we will undertake to update your policies and procedures in line with the terms of our report.


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