Our Divorce and Family Law Team is able to provide the full range of services that might be required at any stage of a relationship, from the moment you choose to set up home together, to advising on the financial consequences of the breakdown of a relationship and dealing with the impact of the care arrangements for any children.

Our services cover cases which are extremely wide-ranging both in scope and complexity. We appreciate that each case is different, and we are always prepared to take a practical approach to reaching a resolution where possible, with a view to limiting the stress and cost to those involved. The vast majority of our divorce and family law cases are resolved by negotiation or by using alternative methods of dispute resolution. However, where settlement cannot be achieved and litigation becomes unavoidable, our wealth of experience lends itself to adopting as robust an approach as is required as we guide you through the court process, whether in a Sheriff Court or in the Court of Session.

“They are very efficient and ensure they do what is best for clients. They possess strong legal skills and they have a very service-driven approach.”
Chambers, 2018


Divorce and Family Law Advice across Scotland

With a presence in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, the team is well-placed to deal with matters arising throughout the country. Our solicitors regularly appear in Sheriff Courts across Scotland, as well as frequently litigating in the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Lindsey Ogilvie was appointed a Solicitor Advocate in October 2017, giving her rights of audience in the Court of Session, in addition to those available to solicitors generally in the Sheriff Court.

Gillian Crandles' dual qualification means that we are also able to offer a cross-border service, and often meet clients in our London office.

An Integrated Approach to Divorce

Our Divorce and Family Law Team works closely with other expert solicitors across Turcan Connell in our Tax and Succession, Trusts, Land and Property and Business Law teams to provide a comprehensive service. We are able to draw on these additional areas of expertise in order to advise our clients in a practical and pragmatic way. Our lawyers have particular expertise in cases involving professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and other high-net-worth individuals. We are recognised for our expertise in handling cases where business interests are relevant to the division of assets on divorce. We are also regularly instructed in farming cases, drawing expert knowledge from other specialist legal teams across Turcan Connell as and when required. We consult with our colleagues who specialise in tax related issues to ensure that we are giving the best possible advice as to how any liabilities to tax may impact upon the terms of a settlement. Our solicitors frequently liaise with experienced Forensic Accountants and other such experts as required to enable us to advise on the various issues which can arise on separation.

Marriage and Civil Partnership

With the introduction of same-sex marriage in Scotland, it is open to any couple who are in a qualifying civil partnership to convert this to a marriage. It is important to bear in mind that when a civil partnership is converted to a marriage, you will be treated as having been married since the day your civil partnership was registered or from 5th December 2000, whichever is the later. This is important in the event of separation at a later date, as it will have a direct effect on the identification of matrimonial property for the purposes of financial division between you.


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