We are very sensitive to the concerns which clients have regarding divorce costs and we seek to ensure that the work which we do provides value for money to our clients. We have a range of facilities available to ease the burden of the cost of divorce proceedings.

We also a one hour initial meeting where, for a flat fee, we provide a more in depth review of your case and the legal position which arises from the particular circumstances.

Thereafter we have a variety of charge out rates to reflect the seniority of the solicitor carrying out the work on any case; the value of any financial claim within the case; and the complexity of the issues involved. We are usually able to reach mutually satisfactory arrangements with our client with regard to the basis of feeing and are happy to discuss fees on an individual basis.

In certain circumstances we are happy to accept payment of fees by instalments. In cases where it is hoped that an order for financial provision will be made at the conclusion of the case, we can discuss the possibility of deferring payment until matters are resolved.

We recognise that issues concerning personal relationships call for sensitivity and understanding alongside the technical legal skills required to deal with the complex and changing landscape of family law. We recognise that clients do regard the cost of instructing a solicitor as a real concern when separation has arisen and we work hard to achieve the balance between the provision of expert legal advice and doing so at an affordable cost.