At Turcan Connell, we understand that the area of family law disputes is a sensitive and complex one.

Facing separation and divorce is something nobody wants to consider, for a number of reasons. Emotions run high and there can be complex legal, financial and – crucially – family issues to resolve. It calls for calm heads and a dedicated focus on resolving matters in the best interests of everyone involved.

Our leading Divorce and Family Law team brings not just a wealth of experience to bear in such situations, but also a very human understanding. It’s this expertise, sensitively applied, that’s helped us deliver positive and lasting outcomes. We view Court proceedings as a last resort, and our team of family law solicitors are dedicated to providing clients with alternative means of resolution.

If you are going through a divorce or separation and a dispute leads to an impasse in proceedings, Turcan Connell's family mediation services can provide professional counsel at this difficult time. Whether the dispute pertains to child related issues, financial disagreement or property settlement, our experienced lawyers will help you through the delicate issues surrounding family law and mediation in Scotland.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Divorce and Family Law

An increasing number of our clients are interested in resolving matters arising from relationship breakdown by alternative means, rather than litigating. This sits squarely with our own ethos that family law cases should only be in court if necessary, for example, in the event of a complex legal matter that simply cannot be agreed upon, or where urgent protective remedies are required to secure the status quo pending overall resolution of matters.


Led by solicitors, family dispute negotiation aims to help clients to agree solutions separately or in parallel to a Court process.


Lawyers and clients work together to create a fair and legally binding solution without the threat of court proceedings present.


Family mediation involves the appointment of a neutral third party who will act to assist separating couples in creating and developing their own solutions for child related, relationship and financial issues. In cases of divorce and family mediation, Turcan Connell's lawyers will act as impartial mediators and utilise their expertise and experience to best resolve contentious situations.


A process through which the dispute is submitted, with agreement of the parties, to an arbitrator who makes a binding decision on behalf of the parties.


Legal representation in the Court process involves solicitors advising you on court applications, their cost, and representing you in the proceedings.

How Turcan Connell can help you

At Turcan Connell, our experience in each of these areas of divorce and family dispute resolution allows us to guide you to the most appropriate course of action for resolving your particular differences.

If you require further information regarding family mediation or would like to arrange an appointment with our solicitors to discuss family law dispute resolution, our team of specialists would be happy to help.

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