Charity disputes can arise when trustees disagree on issues relating to the governance of their charity or the direction in which they are heading.

Turcan Connell's charity lawyers work closely with each client to discuss and agree the most appropriate and efficient means of achieving solutions and resolving dispute for the benefit of the charity.

Our experienced and dedicated team of charity solicitors regularly advise on:

  • Duties as a trustee and the responsibilities they hold
  • Charity regulation issues
  • Land and property disputes
  • Intellectual property rights and remedies
  • Recovery of inappropriately applied grant monies

Forms of Dispute Resolution

We believe in resolving charity law disputes amicably using methods such as:

  • Mediation – Turcan Connell's charity lawyers listen and help put facts into perspective to find a middle ground
  • Arbitration – Our charity solicitors can also take the position of the judge and make decisions based on the testimonies of both parties
  • Litigation – Solicitors will facilitate and guide you through court proceeding

Turcan Connell's experience using the various methods of dispute resolution, allows us to provide charities with focused and practical advice. Should the case require litigation, our charity lawyers have the skills, knowledge and experience to guide you through every step of Court of Session and the Sheriff Courts whether you are pursuing an action or defending your rights.

If you would like to discuss a charity dispute with a solicitor, contact a member of the team today.

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