Our specialist UK tax planning advice covers income tax, capital gains tax and estate taxes for international clients.

Our lawyers advise on the effects of double tax treaties to ensure that clients receive tax credits for UK or foreign taxes paid on income, gains or on death.

International Tax Advice

Our tax and legal teams provide tax planning advice to UK clients with assets situated abroad, foreign nationals resident in the UK and UK national’s resident abroad.

Going Abroad: UK Tax Rules and Requirements

Our team of lawyers and tax advisers can assist in ensuring that your UK tax affairs are in order if you are planning on leaving the UK to live, work or retire. We can advise on the following:

  • Statutory Residence Rules;
  • Tax Compliance Requirements;
  • UK Inheritance Tax; and
  • Pre-departure checks.

Non-Dom Tax in the UK

The UK tax rules are attractive for non-UK domiciliaries. Non-doms can be taxed on the remittance basis so that non-UK source income and gains are only subject to tax if brought into the UK. Turcan Connell can advise on the remittance rules and structuring clean capital accounts, in addition to attending to your ongoing UK tax compliance requirements.

Expat Tax Advice

For expatriates from the UK living around the world, or families with one or more members living abroad, Turcan Connell provides ongoing advice on UK related issues, such as assets and property in the UK, tax advice, the completion of UK tax returns (where required) and non-resident landlord returns where you have rental properties in the UK.

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