Forestry Grant Scheme - Cuts to 2024/25 Budget and Changes to 2023/24 Claim Year End

Significant cuts have been made to Scottish Forestry’s grant budget for 2024/25. As a result, important changes have been made to the Forestry Grant Scheme 2023/24 claim year end to allow the industry to make full use of the current claim year funding. These changes represent a significant blow for the forestry industry, in a period where the Government’s own tree planting targets are as high as they have ever been.

Cuts to grant budget and changes to claim year end

Scottish Forestry’s grant budget for 2023/24 is £65.2m. The draft Scottish Government Budget Bill announced on 19 December 2023 saw Scottish Forestry’s grant budget for 2024/25 reduced to £45.5m. The limited grant budget for 2024/25 will be prioritised for new projects.

To maximise the use of the 2023/24 grant budget, the end of claim year deadline has been extended from the end of March 2024 to 17 May 2024. This six week extension is intended to allow Forestry Grant Scheme holders more time to complete 2023/24 activities.

Only one claim should be submitted for the remainder of any 2023/24 activities. Any work for 2023/24 which has not yet begun should not be carried out as Scottish Forestry will no longer accept partial claims for the current claim year.

Further information

More information on the changes to the 2023/24 claim year end and Scottish Forestry's grant budget for 2024/25 can be found in the Forestry Grant Scheme briefing note published by Scottish Forestry which is available here.