Donald Simpson


I advise UK and international clients on the UK tax rules helping to structure their family assets so that they are passed on and managed as effectively as possible. This includes using trusts, family investment companies and other appropriate structures. I am a leading advisor to expats and those leaving or returning to the UK on the UK tax residency rules and on particular traps to avoid. I also ensure that any continuing UK interests are properly managed and tax-compliant. For non-UK domiciliaries, I advise on the special tax rules that apply to them and their exposure to UK inheritance tax.

The most satisfying aspect of my work is developing long-term client relationships - often across multiple generations within the same family. My job is to find successful solutions to complex problems and there are times when the solution that a client actually needs, is not the obvious one. It is important to think creatively and really try to understand why the client wants to achieve a particular outcome and then deliver a solution which is the best fit for their objectives.

It is personally satisfying to be a trusted advisor, to be the first port of call with any issues. Our clients know that even if I cannot help them personally, I will find them someone who can.