Don Macleod

Partner, Head of Land and Property

I aim to provide a very full and broad service to rural property owners, managers and investors. The clients I work with range from families who have been custodians of properties for generations to those who are making their first purchase – and everything in between. I like to ensure that everything we do joins up with the clients’ needs and interests and that we add value wherever we can. I am here to look after clients by telling them what I think. Personal and long-term professional relationships are at the heart of all we do and I find it very rewarding to be serving the same clients over many years. I also enjoy (with the members of our multi-disciplinary teams) helping international clients with their Scottish interests and guiding them through all that is involved with land ownership in Scotland.

Many of the firm’s clients represent heritage in some shape or form, and many of them are at the sharp end of commercial progress. We are involved in helping them in new areas such as nature-based solutions to climate change (through the emerging UK carbon market), renewables, forestry investment and such like. I also advise a number of clients who are diversifying traditional estate businesses involving energy, housing development and tourism.

Alongside holding a number of private family Trusteeships, I am also involved in the arts and sit on the Board of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.