Pro Bono work is a positive way to use our knowledge and expertise to help those who may find it difficult otherwise to access good quality advice.

At Turcan Connell, we channel our Pro Bono efforts into the charity sector, through partnerships with others working in the third sector. Two of the key examples of this are the work that we carry out with the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and the Institute of Legacy Management (ILM).

We are the sole Scottish legal partner for the Institute of Fundraising (IoF). The work that we do for the IoF has included a complete revision of the fundraising code which is the standard against which fundraising charities are measured.

Through our partnership, we also provide pro bono advice to IoF members on particular aspects of fundraising law.

Further information on the IoF's Code of Fundraising Practice can be found here.

We are the sole Scottish legal partner of the Institute of Legacy Management (ILM). We regularly give up our time to talk at various seminars to legacy managers and officers in order to promote an understanding of Scots law. This helps to increase awareness amongst charities of potential legal problems that might arise and how to tackle them. Much of the work we do with ILM is aimed at charities based in England and Wales but which have a strong fundraising profile in Scotland.

Our in-depth knowledge of Scots succession law makes us ideally placed to support ILM members.