Many donors direct their charitable donations to foreign causes. They may do this through the medium of a UK-based charity, or they may give directly to causes based in another country. In either case, many donors are incentivised to give, or to give more, if their gift can be made tax efficiently.

Tax relief on donations to foreign charities can be a complex subject, and not all donations will qualify for relief. It is important that donors wishing to give tax efficiently to foreign charities consider what tax relief is available. This is often easier within the European Union depending on each individual Member State’s approach to charity tax reliefs.

Where donors wish to make major sums available to fund work abroad, there may be other ways for those donations to be structured. This could include the creation of your own charitable grant-making trust for very large donations, or using an existing foundation set up for the specific purpose of routing donations tax efficiently to identified charitable purposes.

Turcan Connell’s Charities Legal Team works with donors to identify the best way to structure cross-border giving in order to maximise tax efficiency and to minimise regulatory compliance. Contact us for more information and advice on how to structure your international charitable giving.