What is surrogacy?  (364.4 KB)
9th August 2016

The Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985 defines a surrogate mother “as a woman who carries a child in pursuance of an arrangement made before she began to carry the child, and made with a view to any child carried, being handed over to and parental responsibility being met by another person or persons.”

Prenuptial Agreements  (101.3 KB)
21st June 2016

A Prenuptial Agreement is an Agreement entered into between a couple prior to their marriage or civil partnership with a view to regulating the treatment and division of certain assets in the event of any subsequent separation or divorce. The use of Prenuptial Agreements is becoming increasingly popular in Scotland.

Cohabitation  (120.9 KB)
21st June 2016

In response to the increasing popularity of cohabitation throughout Scotland, in 2006 legislation was enacted to provide limited rights to cohabiting couples on the breakdown of their relationship.