Alix Storrie

Partner, Head of Tax and Succession

I advise high-net-worth individuals and their families on tax and estate planning. This involves giving advice across the generations on inheritance tax, wills, succession, trusts and asset protection. I have particular expertise in dealing with complex issues arising out of landed estates.

Giving good advice is not just about providing the right answer to the questions I am asked. It is important to identify the motivation for a particular line of questioning. Once I fully understand what the client wants to achieve, I aim to give clear advice rather than a range of options.

I know our clients appreciate my honesty and, I hope, my sense of humour. They also know I am there for them and, even if a request is outside my areas of expertise, I will endeavour to find the answer somewhere in my professional network.

Ultimately, my reward is being seen as a trusted advisor; getting to know a family over the long term and building up meaningful relationships with them so that I can give the best advice and be the first port of call for major life events.